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The Portage Bayshore

was built in 1958 to accommodate visitors to the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962.  The 24 units were converted to condominiums in 1979, when each unit was refurbished and sold. 


There are 30 separate moorage slips deeded by a tenancy in common, located on the water side under the building, under a conditional shoreline use permit.  Residents with slips have water access and may use the dock area. Those with moored boats have easy access to Portage Bay, Lake Washington and Lake Union. 


The Portage Bayshore is located just 3 miles from downtown Seattle (via one of many surface and freeway routes).  There are two on ramps to SR 520 within two miles of the building, as well as easy access to Interstate 5. 

You may access information on condominium homes for sale or lease, or moorage slips for sale or lease by clicking on the appropriate icon.


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