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Portage Bayshore Owners Association Rules & Regulations

Portage Bayshore Rules & Regulations are enforceable to the first mortgagee of a condominium or moorage slip at the Portage Bayshore Condominium and Marina. The Declarations, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations may be found at: Owners are encouraged to email the board of directors at with questions, needed repairs, concerns or complaints.


     SECTIONS                 TOPIC                                                                                                          PAGE

          1                           APPLICATION AND AUTHORITY                                                                    2


          2                           ENFORCEMENT/DUE PROCESS                                                                    2

                                                FINE SCHEDULE                                                                                    2


          3                           RESPONSIBILITY OF OWNER                                                                        3

                                                LEASE OR RENTAL OF UNIT                                                                 3


          4                           GENERAL RULES                                                                                            4

                                                 PROPERTY USE/CHANGES/COURTESY                                              4

                                                 NOISE CONTROL                                                                                   4

                                                 POTENTIAL SAFETY HAZARDS                                                            4

                                                 MOVING IN                                                                                              5

                                                 HOMEOWNER’S FEES/ADDITIONAL COSTS                                       5

                                                 KEYS                                                                                                       6


            5                          PARKING/VEHICLES/TOWING                                                                        6      


            6                           DECKS                                                                                                             7


            7                           MAINTENANCE/MODIFICATION OF UNITS                                                   8


            8                           PET POLICIES                                                                                                 9 


            9                          COMPLAINT PROCEDURE AND NOTIFICATION                                            9

                                                   RIGHT TO APPEAL                                                                                9

                                                   HEARING COMMITTEE                                                                         9

                                                   INFRACTIONS                                                                                     10


           10                         REFUSE                                                                                                          10


           11                         EMERGENCIES                                                                                               10

                                                                          1. APPLICATION AND AUTHORITY


     1.1   The Rules and Regulations are established to protect the rights of all Residents and to preserve the attractive, uniform                 appearance of Portage Bayshore Condominiums (the “Property”). They apply equally to all residents, owners, and       



      1.2   Rules and Regulations have been approved by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Declarations and the     



                                                                           2. ENFORCEMENT/DUE PROCESS


      2.1   The Board of Directors has the authority under the Washington Condominium Act (WCA) of 1990 to use monetary fines                to assure timely and consistent compliance with the Rules and Regulations. Three separate actions are required:

                first, the fine schedule must be made known to all owner/residents; second, there must be written notice of the

                infraction; and third, the person being fined must have an opportunity to be heard. Collectively, these three steps

                comprise DUE PROCESS.


      2.2   There are varying degrees of severity accorded to each violation of the Rules. Offenses that can result in monetary                      fines are labeled according to the relative seriousness of the infraction. Each offense is labeled with (L), (M), or (S),                      signifying that the particular section will be considered a lesser (L), a moderate (M) or a serious (S) infraction.


                                                                                       FINE & FEE SCHEDULE

                                                  LESSER (L)                       MODERATE (M)                                  SERIOUS (S)


               FIRST                         WARNING                            WARNING                                           WARNING


               SECOND                      $25.00                                    $50.00                                                $100.00


               SUBSEQUENT             $50.00                                   $100.00                                                $200.00


               LATE FEE:                     $25.00                                 MOVE-IN FEE:                                      $250.00


      2.3   If after the initial warning the violation is not corrected within the appropriate time as determined by the Board of                          Directors,  subsequent fines will follow.



              NOTE: CERTAIN INFRACTIONS ARE CONSIDERED SERIOUS ENOUGH TO WARRANT A FINE ON THE FIRST                      OFFENSE. SUCH INFRACTIONS HAVE SPECIFIC FINE SCHEDULES NOTATED IN THE CORRESPONDING RULE.                                    ********************************************************************************************

           The purpose of assessing a fine is not to inflict punishment for a rule infraction. The purpose is to enforce         

             compliance with the rules once a notice of the infraction has been provided.


                                                          3. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE OWNERS


   3.1    All first mortgagee owners are fully responsible for compliance with the Declarations and these Bylaws/Rules & 

             Regulations by their guests, tenants or any other occupants of their unit/moorage. Owners are financially liable for

             any damage to the Property caused by their dependents, tenants, guests, occupants, inadequate maintenance and

             the cost water intrusion (unless caused by common area plumbing). Parents are responsible for conduct of their



                                                                    LEASE OR RENTAL OF UNIT


   3.2    (S) A “full-service” tenant screening report by a professional agency or service must be obtained on each

              prospective tenant prior to the execution of a lease or rental agreement by unit owner.


   3.3    (S) A copy of a properly signed LEASE/RENTAL AGREEMENT must be provided by owner to the Board of

              Directors/Property Manager prior to the beginning of the lease or rental period.


   3.4    (S) A current copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Association, including any amendments, must be provided to

              the prospective tenant by owner prior to the beginning of the lease or rental period.


   3.5    (S) Owners must assure that their tenants are aware of and familiar with the Rules and Regulations of the

              Association prior to move-in. Emphasis should be placed on the fact that every resident is accountable under the 

              Rules and that action can be taken directly against the tenant for infractions. This should be noted and initialed by

              prospective tenant or rental agreement.


    3.6   (S) Owners must approve any sub-lease of their unit in advance and must notify the Board that such approval has   

               been given prior to the fact. The above requirements for the original lease/rental agreement also apply to the sub-

               leasing tenant with regard to screening.


     3.7   (S) Pursuant to the authority and restrictions of Sections 13.01 and 13.12 of the Declarations, an Owner may not

                lease their unit for transient or hotel purposes (e.g. AirBnB) or on any other short-term basis. Any lease term that is 

                shorter than 30 days will be considered a violation of this restriction.

                                                     4. GENERAL RULES PROPERTY USE/CHANGES/COURTESY


       4.1    (S) The Property is for residential use only. No other business/commercial use, with the exception of home offices,

                   are allowed unless prior specific written approval has been provided by the Board of Directors.


       4.2     (S) Any alteration which may affect or change the exterior appearance of the building must first be approved by the

                    Board of Directors. This includes, but is not limited to, the installation of screen doors, awnings, rails, shrubbery,

                    and flower boxes or pots, except as allowed on decks and lanais as per Section 6.


       4.3     (M) All windows and window coverings facing the exterior of the buildings must be kept in good repair and present

                    an acceptable appearance. All window coverings must be neutral in color (white, cream, beige). Replacement

                    windows must be a high-quality white vinyl. Any window screens or screen doors installed must have a prior

                    approval of the Board.


        4.4     (M) No personal items may be stored in any common or Limited Common Areas (walkways, entryways, parking

                     space or area, marina walkways) Items found will be removed by the Association. Dock boxes are permitted but

                     should not block the walkway.


         4.5    (S) No noxious or offensive activity shall be conducted in any unit or Common/Limited Common Areas. Nothing

                     shall be done therein which may be or may become an annoyance, embarrassment, discomfort or nuisance to

                     other owners or occupants or render any portion of the condominium unsanitary, unsightly, offensive, or

                     detrimental to persons using or occupying any portion of the condominium. NOISE CONTROL


         4.6    (M) No resident or guest shall cause loud or disturbing noises, nor do or permit any act that will impact on the

                     rights, comforts or convenience of any resident. The hours between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM are to be considered

                      “quiet hours.”


         4.7     (L) The use of dishwashers, washers/dryers and garbage disposals between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM

                      is discouraged. Special attention shall be given to lowering the volume of all activities within the Property during

                       “quiet hours.” POTENTIAL SAFETY HAZARDS


          4.8    (S) No owner may operate any equipment that causes an overload of existing electrical circuits in the building, or

                      operate any equipment in a manner which, in the judgment of the Board, causes unreasonable disturbances to

                   others. No owner shall alter the heating, plumbing, or electrical systems inside or outside the building without prior

                      written approval of the Board. 



          4.9     (S) Residents may not store any flammable liquid in the building or marina under any circumstances per state law.

                        Residents may not store any flammable liquid in/on any unit, deck, storage locker, or parking space as per state

                        law. No burning of any type is allowed in the unit except in the fireplace. Only gas and electric grills are allowed

                       on decks. No burning of any type is allowed in the unit or on the dock.


         4.10    (S) No trees, shrubs or vegetation in the Common Area may be cut or altered without prior written permission

                        from the Board. The fine for unauthorized cutting or alteration of trees, shrubs and/or vegetation shall be $200.00

                        fine, first offense.


        4.11   (S) No fireworks shall be allowed on the property. The fine for firework use on the property shall be $200.00, first


         4.12    (L) There shall be no play or recreation in unsafe areas such as in the driveways, stairwells, elevator, near parked

                        vehicles, or on the dock. MOVING IN


        4.13   (S) Move-ins and move-outs are allowed only between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM. A $250 non-

                        refundable move-in fee will be charged with every change in occupancy. Owners are responsible for any damage

                        to the Common/Limited Common Areas caused by their movers or tenants. Please use care in the elevator and in

                        stairwells when moving items.


         4.14   (M) No sign may be displayed on the front lawn. Contact the webmaster at to request

                        a sign display (For Sale or For Lease sign) to hang from light post signage located on the front lawn directing

                        those interested to website with your information. No postings are allowed on the building or windows.



         4.15   All owners are responsible for the activities and conduct of their families, household members, tenants and

                        guests. Conduct and activities by an offending owner or an offending owner’s family, guest, tenants or tenants’

                        guests, which result in repairs and/or litigation resulting from damage to the Association’s Common Areas,

                        Limited Common Areas, or to another owner’s unit, will be assessed against the offending owner’s account.


         4.16   Monthly Homeowner Fees are due the first day of every month. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged to the owner

                        if payment is received by the management company after the 15th of the month.



           4.17   Building keys are the responsibility of the owner and shall only be in possession of owners and residents.


           4.18   The Marina entrance is located on the north side of the parking lot. For the security Portage Bayshore condominium

                        residents, the marina secure entrance/stairway is located on the north side of the parking lot. By special request,

                        accommodations can be made for handicapped persons to access the building’s elevator. Access to the moorage

                        unit under the first floor is from the door located at the marina level. 4.19 Moorage slips are for recreational boats

                        only. No liveaboards or commercial vessels are allowed in the Bayshore moorage area.


                                                                                5. PARKING/VEHICLES/TOWING




            5.1   (M) All vehicles parked on the property must be in operating condition and display current license tabs. Inoperative

                       vehicles will be towed/removed at the owner’s risk and expense without additional warning.


            5.2   (S) All reserved parking spaces are assigned to individual condominium units. No double parking in any space is

                       allowed. There are no visitor parking spaces. The moorage limited use permit requires parking off premises, north of

                       SR 520.


             5.3   (M) Operational vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles may be parked in owner’s

                        parking space, provided that nothing extends over the side lines of the parking space. Vehicles may not extend out

                        of the space into the parking driveway. No other items may be stored in the parking spaces, including but not limited

                        to barbecues, lawn chairs, building supplies, etc.


              5.4   (S) Minor vehicle maintenance (maintenance which can be completed within one (1) day) shall be permitted. Due to

                         potential environmental contamination, no changing of fluids of any type is allowed in the parking/carport or marina/

                         moorage area. Owners who change oil in the parking garage shall be held responsible for any concrete/asphalt

                         damage. Used oil must be disposed of outside of the parking garage and the Condominium (not in storm sewers,

                         dumpsters, drains, etc.) and all used parts must be properly disposed of in accordance with state and local law.

              5.5   (S) Major car maintenance (maintenance which cannot be completed within one (1) day) shall not be permitted.


                5.6   (S) Vehicles that leak oil or other fluids on the driveway/parking area excessively, at the determination of the Board,

                         will not be allowed to be parked in the parking area. The Board/Property Manager may allow a thirty (30) day period

                         for the repair of the offending vehicle, providing that a metal drip pan is placed under the vehicle whenever it is

                         parked within the complex. Failure to use the drip pan will result in the vehicle being removed from the premises. To

                         regain normal parking privileges, a repair receipt must be presented to the Board/Property Manager.


               5.7  (L) To keep automobile noise to a minimum, no prolonged idling or racing of engines is allowed. Do not use the

                          horn except in a case of an emergency.


                                                                                         6. DECKS




                6.1   (M) Decks shall be kept in a neat and orderly fashion and shall not be used for storage space.


                6.2   (M) The following items may be kept on decks so long as they are kept in good repair:


                         a. Lawn and garden furniture

                         b. Planter boxes or pots, sealed, or with drip pans

                         c. Gas Barbecues (no charcoal barbecues are allowed). All residents should have fire extinguisher in their unit

                         d. Lights


                6.3   (M) Examples of items which may not be kept on decks include, but are not limited to:


                          a. Recycling materials

                          b. Exercise equipment

                          c. Dead plants

                          d. Any items hanging on deck railings other than planter boxes

                          e. Clothes drying on racks or lines

                          f. Flammable liquid

                          g. Building materials


                 6.4   (M) Items stored on a deck which are not approved by these Rules must be removed within three (3) days of

                              receipt of written notice from the Board/Property Manager.


                 6.5   (M) Seasonal decorations may be installed on decks or hung in windows provided that such decorations do not

                            violate insurance, fire, or local regulations and ordinances. All seasonal decorations must be removed within ten

                            (10) days of the holiday.


                 6.6   (L) Objects shall not be swept, shaken, washed or thrown down from decks or windows.


                 6.7   (S) Chopping of wood on decks, railings, stairwells, or landings is prohibited.


                                                          7. MAINTENANCE/MODIFICATION OF UNITS


                  7.1    Pursuant to the Declarations, each unit owner shall, at their sole expense, keep the interior of their unit, all parts

                               of its related Limited Common or exclusive use areas, and their equipment/appliances in good repair. Each unit

                               owner shall be responsible for the proper maintenance, repair or replacement by a licensed tradesman of any

                               plumbing fixtures, water heaters, fans, heating or other equipment, fireplace flues, electrical fixtures or

                               appliances which may be in, or are part of, their unit. Water damage will be resolved between affected owners,

                               unless proven that damaged was caused by common or limited common area plumbing.


                   7.2   (S) Units shall be maintained so they do not endanger or negatively affect in any way the value of any other     

                               owner’s property.


                   7.3   (S) No person is allowed on the roof without specific permission from the Board or the Property Manager.


                   7.4   (M) Window coverings shall be restricted to curtains, drapes or blinds of a neutral color, including white, cream,

                               or beige. Blankets, sheets, foil, or any other inappropriate material are not allowed. No signs, flags, posters, etc

                               of any kind shall be stored or displayed from or in windows, doors, decks, etc. except holiday decorations. U.S.

                               flags may be appropriately displayed on national holidays. 7.5 (M) Broken windows shall be replaced within 72

                               hours from breakage. 


                                                                                  8. PET POLICIES


                    8.1   (S) Pet owners are directly and solely responsible for the behavior of their pets. Excessive barking or other

                                 annoying, disruptive, or dangerous conduct by a pet will not be tolerated.


                    8.2   (S) Pets must be kept within the unit and are not allowed to roam freely in the Common Areas (e.g. hallways,

                                 entry, parking area). When outside, pets must be in the company of and controlled by their owner and dogs

                                 must be on a leash at all times. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets, and owners are financially

                                responsible for any damage caused by their pets.


                    8.3   The Board of Directors may at any time require the removal of any animal that it, in its sole discretion, finds

                                unreasonable disturbing to the other owners.


                                                           9. COMPLAINT PROCEDURE AND NOTIFICATION


                     9.1   Parties wishing to report a violation of the Declarations and/or Rules and Regulations (unit or moorage) should

                                 submit a complaint to the Board/Property Manager. All complaints must be in writing and presented to the

                                 Board or the Property Manager. It must include the specific date, time and unit in violation, as well as a brief

                                 narrative of the complaint. Forms are available upon request.


                     9.2   A written notice of the reported violation shall be sent to the owner and parties involved from Board/Property

                                 Manager. Complaint forms are available from the Property Manager.


                     9.3   If necessary, a hearing will be scheduled for the next Board meeting or a special hearing will be called to

                                 determine if there was a violation of the Rules.


                                                                                     RIGHT TO APPEAL


                      9.4  The unit owner has the right to appeal any notification of violation to the Association’s Board of Directors. In

                                 such case, imposition of any fine imposed will be suspended pending determination of the appeal by the

                                 Board. Any owner wishing to appeal must deliver written notice of the same to the Association’s Secretary or

                                 the Association’s Manager within ten (10) days after issuance of a violation notice. The request for appeal will

                                 not be deemed to have been delivered until actual receipt by the Association’s Secretary or the Association’s



                                                                                    HEARING COMMITTEE


                      9.5  The Hearing Committee shall consist of three (3) Association members appointed from the Board or unit

                                 owners. All parties involved shall be  10 notified of the hearing date and have an opportunity to present their

                                 arguments. The Hearing Committee shall determine, by a majority vote, whether a Rules infraction 1) has

                                 actually occurred, 2) whether or not a penalty is in order and 3) the type/amount of penalty to be applied. All

                                 parties shall be notified of the decision in writing.




                      9.6   Infractions may result in a fine according to the Schedule in Section 2.2 and 2.3. A first warning shall be

                                  issued except where noted. All fines shall be charged to the owner’s account and will be deposited to the

                                  operation account of the Association.




                    10.1   (M) No rubbish or debris of any kind shall be dumped, placed, or permitted to accumulate in any portion of the

                                  Property except in appropriate containers provided for the collection of the same. All garbage, trash and waste

                                  materials must be properly packaged and placed inside the dumpsters. Oversized waste or items such as

                                  mattresses, discarded furniture, etc., must be removed from the premises at the owner’s expense. Boxes must

                                  be flattened and placed in provided recycle bins. Nothing is to be left outside containers. Only current

                                  residents may use the dumpsters.


                    10.2   (M) Under no circumstances should garbage or refuse of any type be left and/or stored in Common Areas,

                                   Limited Common Areas, or outside storage lockers.


                    10.3   (S) Hazardous materials and waste must be disposed of properly in accordance with state and local law.




                    11.1    IF FIRE, MEDICAL OR POLICE assistance is needed , CALL 911.


                    11.2    If immediate assistance is required for WATER, ELECTRICAL OR SEWER PROBLEMS, call the PROPERTY



                     11.3   Fire Alarms – In case of fire, immediately evacuate the building. If the fire alarm sounds, the fire department

                                   will be alerted and come for assistance. Always be aware of fire safety.


                     11.4   Security – You are encouraged to have a deadbolt installed on your unit door and use it all times. You are

                                   also encouraged to keep your windows and balcony doors locked. Security is everyone’s business. If you see

                                   or hear something suspicious, call 911 immediately. Please remember that the Association, or its

                                   representatives has the right to access your unit for required maintenance or in an emergency situation such

                                   as broken water heaters, etc. 


                     11.5  Entry for Emergency Repair - All owners are required to provide a key to the property manager for emergency

                                  use. In the event of an emergency and a key is not available, a locksmith will be called at the owner’s expense.




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