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Preston Home: 2519 Boyer


There is a powerful movement for the EIS to be re-done based on the reasoning in the attached.

Coalition for a Sustainable SR 520


Madison Park.. North Capitol Hill..Montlake.. Laurelhurst..Roanoke Park/Portage Bay. .Boating community

Press Release April 8, 2010

Contact: Fran Conley 328‐4444

Coalition says City Council has time for new designs for 520

The Coalition for a Sustainable SR 520 today said that the state’s environmental review of proposals for SR 520 (SDEIS) is so flawed that it will have to be re‐done. Because of this, the Seattle City Council has plenty of time to advocate different solutions for expanding SR 520.

“The SDEIS is required to examine reasonable alternatives, and does not do so” said Fran Conley, coordinator of the coalition.

“The current proposals take critical park lands, and add pollution, health risks and other environmental damage. The law requires examination of reasonable alternatives which would do less damage. An additional draft environmental review will be needed. ”

“This delay is not caused by the mayor or by the city council” said Ted Lane of Roanoke Park/Portage Bay.

“The SDEIS was written by the state. It’s possible that at the outset they did not understand how much damage would be done, but now that we all see the damage, we have to look for less‐damaging alternatives.”

“The state needs to examine an alternative that provides for light rail on the additional lanes, and they need to look at managing traffic to reduce congestion in the 4 general purpose lanes with tolling and better transit” said Jonathan Dubman of Montlake.

“These are reasonable alternatives which might produce better results for transportation and for the environment.”

“We have all learned a lot over the past years of study” said Colleen McAleer of northeast Seattle.

“We understand the pressure the City Council has been receiving to adhere to arbitrary deadlines. But now that we know that the environmental review will take longer, we ask the City Council to act in the interests of the city for the long term. That means developing an alternative which is better for transportation and for the environment."




We are sending you this letter to notify you of noise pile driving tests.  Our Condominiums may be effected by work that will begin as early as October 21st.  Please be informed by clicking on  

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009 evening there will be a WSDOT presentation @ Montlake Community Center if you can make it. They have handed out a proposed haul route map for the heavy trucks.  

More to come...

Respectfully Submitted by
Wendy DeLaunay, HOA Secretary
Portage Bayshore Condominiums



















BAYSHORE PROPERTY OWNERS (Unit and Moorage Slip Owners)
The Association Board will monitor and report on these meetings.
All Bayshore Property Owners are encouraged to attend and learn of the impacts theSR 520 expansion will have on our property.
The Association Board is planning an All-Owners meeting to discuss mitigation strategies for the Bayshore Property.


September 18, 4-7 PM
Public Hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Museum of History and Industry
Wednesday, September 20, 7-10 PM
SR 520 Expansion Bridge or Tunnel Debate
the adequacy of the SR-520 alternatives contained in WSDOT's Draft Environmental Impact Statement.
‘Better Bridge’
‘Tube/Tunnel Coalition’
Queen City Yacht Club (2608 Boyer Ave. East)
Presented By
Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council 


September 21, 4-7 PM
Public Hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement
St. Luke’s Church/ Bellevue
September 25, 7 PM
Meeting with Seattle Parks Department

Everett Ave. N.Streetend/ Portage Bay Park StatusQueen City Yacht Club


SR 520 Expansion:
Bridge or Tunnel Debate
the adequacy of the SR-520 alternatives contained in WSDOT's Draft Environmental Impact Statement.
Wednesday, September 20, 7-10 PM
‘Better Bridge’
‘Tube/Tunnel Coalition’
Queen City Yacht Club ( 2608 Boyer Ave. East)
Presented By
Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council


On Wednesday, September 20, 2006, from 7 to 10 PM representatives of Better Bridge and the Tube/Tunnel Coalition will debate the adequacy of the SR-520 alternatives contained in WSDOT's Draft Environmental Impact Statement.  The debate will be at the Queen City Yacht Club and will be hosted by the Portage Bay/Roanoke Park Community Council. 

Following the debate, first a panel of elected officials and then a panel of community council presidents from communities directly impacted by 520's expansion will respond to the debaters.  Following which there will be a hour long question and answer period in which all attendees will be invited to express opinions and ask questions.

Your attendance is requested.  Mark your calendars.  Plan on attending this important debate.

The Agenda is:
*********  ************** ************** ************** **************
Better Bridge presentation                                                    15 min
Tube/Tunnel   presentation                                                   15 min
Better Bridge rebuttal                                                               5 min
Tube/Tunnel rebuttal                                                                5 min
Panel of Elected Officials                                                          5 minutes each (total 45 minutes)                            
Panel of Community Council Presidents                             5 minutes each (total 30 minutes)
Questions, comments, statements from the audience      60 minutes     

************** ************** ************** ************** ************** 
Invited Participants:
Better Bridge            Jonathan Dubman
Tube/Tunnel              Ted Lane 
Panelists:        WSDOT                         confirmed (Brian Jarr)
                            Richard Conlin             will arrive at 8
                            Jan Drago                     invited but no confirmation
                            Frank Chopp                invited but no confirmation
                            Nick Licata                    confirmed, now reevaluating. His rep thought it was a viaduct  meeting at first
                            Ed Murray                      invited but no confirmation
Community Council Presidents  Invited to Attend 
                           PB/RP CC                        Shane Ristine VP
                           Montlake CC                  Bob Rosencrantz
                           No. Capitol Hill CC       Alexander Baehr 
                           Madison Park CC         Maurice Cooper
                           Eastlake CC                   Carsten Stinn
                          Ravenna/Bryant CC     Doug Jackson
                          Broadmoor CC               Louis Hoffer
                          Laurelhurst CC              Jeanne Hale
                          University District        Matt Fox 


SR 520 News


The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has issued a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) regarding the expansion of SR 520/ Portage Bay Viaduct that will have significant impact on the Bayshore property.  

For information visit 

A hearing is planned at the Museum of History & Industry,2700 – 24th Avenue East  on September 18 (Monday), 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and in Bellevue at St. Luke’s Church, 3030 Bellevue Way NE, on September 21 (Thursday), 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.  The Association Board of Directors is monitoring the situation closely, and we plan a mitigation strategy session soon after the hearings.                                                                                      

Pete DeLaunay,  Association Secretary

Cross Section of SR520 Tube

View looking across Portage Bay with WSDOT changes

View across Portage Bay with Tube WSDOT changes